Ilan Stavans

Converso? More conversation than conversion for Cuba’s revolutionary leader.

Fidel Castro Speaks Out About Freedom, Hope And Gary Shteyngart

BACKWARD: Cuban leader Fidel Castro talks Jews, Gary Shteyngart and Katz’s Deli.

Cuban musicians perform for participants in the Forward’s trip to Cuba.

Traveling Forward Through Fast-Changing Cuba in Search of Its Lost Jews

As relations with Cuba begin to thaw, the Forward took a group of American Jews on a visit to the Communist country to explore its past — and future.

New Normal: Cuban Jews worship at the Adath Israel congregation in Havana. The island’s community is poised for dramatic change now that relations with the U.S. are being normalized.

What Will Cuba's 'Berlin Wall Moment' Mean for Island's Resilient Jews?

The future is rushing to catch up with Cuba. Ilan Stavans asks how the exhilerating changes may transform the island — and what it will mean for the Jews.

Occult Doings: Many of Cuba?s Jewish cemeteries have been deteriorating for decades. But some blame a new round of grave-robberies on occult rituals that require the bones of non-Christians.

Grave-Robbers Target Cuba's Jewish Cemeteries in Search of Bones for Rituals

The Jewish cemeteries of Cuba are being looted fast. Some point to economic desperation — but others blame a strange occult practice involving the bones of non-Christians.

Stopping To Think About the Roses

There was a time when Latin American writers felt compelled — maybe the word is “constrained” — to focus their work on Latin America. Andrés Neuman takes a more global approach.

Living With Isaac Bashevis Singer

Isaac Bashevis Singer’s many other women are crucial to understanding the Yiddish writer’s worldview. But the serial philanderer’s wife, Alma, was his anchor.

The Inquisition Is Now (and Forever)

Author Cullen Murphy sees the Inquisition’s influence in virtually every nasty historical event since. Nuance is not his forte, Ilan Stevans writes.