Jason Diamond

Tony Kushner Hates Writing

Tony Kushner talked about everything from Israel to ‘Lincoln’ and Obama one recent night in the friendly liberal bastion of Park Slope. He also admitted he ‘hates’ writing.

More Write of Heartbreak: Saul Bellow (seen here in 1990) is the subject of his son Greg Bellow?s new memoir ?Saul Bellow?s Heart.?

A Son's Journey Deep Into the Heart of Saul Bellow

Saul Bellow was one of the most decorated writers of the last century, but perhaps not one of the most beloved parents. Greg Bellow considers his father’s legacy and character.

Jewish Novels of Jewish Hollywood

Matthew Specktor’s latest work features Jewish characters but it isn’t a Jewish novel. It’s all about chasing the most American of dreams: Hollywood success.

Rothschild Heiress and ‘Miss Havisham of Bebop’

Nica Rothschild was the jazzy black sheep of the staid banking family. A new book tells how she hung out with Charlie Parker and even took a drug rap for Thelonius Monk.

Funky Cold Medine: Leandra Medine?s blog ?The Man Repeller? was named one of Time Magazine?s 25 best blogs in 2012.

The Jews Who Invented (And Continue To Reinvent) Fashion

Jews have played key roles in every aspect of the American fashion industry for 150 years. A new generation is chronicling the fashion world in the blogosphere.

He Scores! ?Jewish Jocks? offers fresh literary takes on famed athletes like Hank Greenberg and Sandy Koufax.

Murderers Row Pays Tribute to Jewish Athletes

Plenty has been written about sports legends like Sandy Koufax, Howard Cosell and Hank Greenberg. ‘Jewish Jocks’ got star authors’ takes on these icons.

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