Jeffrey K. Salkin

My Search for the Perfect Biblical Blue

Fountain pen collector Jeffrey Salkin has spent years obsessively hunting for the perfect blue ink. Is it really a modern version of Judaism’s centuries-old search for the biblical tekhelet?

New Phone, Ancient Feud: Apple fans are scooping up new iPhones. But what does the ultra-modern product?s take on Jerusalem say about the age-old feud over the Holy City?

What an iPhone Feud Says About the Ancient Fight for Jerusalem

The new iPhone will let you set your clock to the time of any city in any country — except Jerusalem. It is the lone city listed without a country. ‘This is not upgrading. It is degrading,’ writes Jeffrey K. Salkin.

Is Pope Francis Most Small-C Catholic Pontiff Ever?

Pope Francis has won praise for his move towards a more universalist church. What would stop Israel’s chief rabbis from following the same path?

A Song Stilled Too Soon

The poet-laureate of the Jewish people, Chaim Nachman Bialik, once wrote a poem in which he extolled someone who died “before his time and before anyone’s time. He had one more song to sing, but now that song is stilled forever.”

Sixty Years Since the Peekskill Riots

A few miles away from Woodstock in upstate New York Jews and blacks were attacked by local fascists and Klan members. Sixty years ago this week Paul Robeson, Pete Seeger and their audience were first prevented from having a concert and then attacked leaving it.