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In Israel, Peace Talks Met With Skepticism

As the Annapolis conference kicked into high gear, one Israeli reporter chose a more modest urban backdrop: the southern Israeli town of Sderot, its streets deserted for fear of Qassam rocket attacks from the nearby Gaza.

Neo-Nazis Met By Thousands of Protestors in Prague

Thousands rallied against neo-Nazism in Prague as Czech police prevented a right-wing extremist march.

FIGHTING SONG: Leah Kauffman responded to Ann Coulter's recent remarks with a satirical music video

Ode to Ann Coulter

Nearly 4 million people have heard her voice on the Internet video smash “I Got a Crush on Obama,” in which a sultry admirer confesses her love for the presidential candidate.

Belarus's president, Alexander Lukashenko, drew fire from many quarters after saying that Jews kept their living areas like a 'pig sty.'

Comments by Belarus’s President Draw Ire

After Belarus’s president made a stinging remark about Israel and his own country’s Jewish community, some local Jewish communal leaders say they fear they may be caught in the crossfire of Iran’s growing relationship with their country.

Researchers Probe City’s (Very Recent) Jewish Past

On a sweltering summer day, researchers fan out in this city’s historical center, its walls lined with photos of local Jews who went through the Holocaust.

ADL: Tutu Should Not Be Denied Platform

The Anti-Defamation League is urging the president of a Minnesota university to invite Archbishop Desmond Tutu to speak just days after it was revealed that he had been disinvited because of fears that he might offend Jews.

Protest, Calls for Arrest Greet Iran's Leader in N.Y.

Several thousand demonstrators turned out for the rally against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad across from the United Nations.

If confirmed, Mukasey would be only the second Jew in American history to hold the post.

Bush’s Justice Dept. Pick Is Orthodox Jew

To those who know him, retired federal judge Michael Mukasey, an Orthodox Jew and political conservative, is a jurist who kept his politics and religion out of the courtroom.

Reform Devises Sex-Change Blessings

In a groundbreaking move to recognize the experiences of transgender Jews, the Reform movement has published several prayers for sanctifying the sex-change process.

Tenure Battle Riles Barnard

A brewing battle over tenure for a polarizing Barnard College professor is threatening to thrust Columbia University back into the center of a controversy over its academic treatment of the Middle East.