Johnna Kaplan

Addicted to (Unrequited) Love

Lisa A. Phillips explores the history, psychology and biology of women whose lives were upended by ‘extreme love’ — including Potiphar’s wife and herself.

The Foodlums of Connecticut

Connecticut is home to a surprising number of Jewish farms, foodies — and a whisky company. Our secret Jewish history of farming in the state explains why.

The Mikveh in My Backyard

The discovery of an old mikveh in Montville, Conn., the site of a former Jewish farming colony, raises questions about how quickly these farmers assimilated.

Sara Eckel

Demystifying the Single Life

Sara Eckel’s new book, ‘It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single,’ is in the relationship section of the bookstore. But it’s not quite like its neighbors on the shelf.

Randi Zuckerberg's 'Dot Complicated'

A new book by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg, strives to provide work-life balance tips for the digitally-minded.

Cars flooded by Hurricane Sandy.

Falling Through Cracks That Sandy Made

Johnna Kaplan lost her car to Hurricane Sandy. It took her months to realize she would get no help from FEMA. And she was one of the lucky ones.

Miley Cyrus

Why It's OK To Call Miley Cyrus Stupid

Pundits will call Miley Cyrus anything but stupid. Johnna Kaplan explains why shying away from the ‘s-word’ out of political correctness is a bad idea.

Hey, I'm the 94% Too!

The Pew survey came out as Johnna Kaplan tries out elements of Jewish practice she skipped before. She was already proud of being Jewish — and now knows 94% feel the same.

I Decided To Buy A Tanakh

There’s no particularly good reason why Johnna Kaplan never owned the book that’s so central to the Jewish people’s culture. Then the package from Amazon arrived.

My Kind Of, Sort Of Yom Kippur Fast

I have always felt compelled to fast on Yom Kippur — just not compelled enough. Usually I either forget what day it is until it’s too late or simply give up at the first hint of dizziness. This year, I determined to fast properly. Well, almost.