Karen E. H. Skinazi

Why British TV Handled Race Worse Than Starbucks

Starbucks was widely panned for its #RaceTogether campaign. Karen Skinazi writes the BBC did worse with a show about race that spouted anti-Semitic stereotypes (among other canards).

Our British-Canadian-American (Jewish) Thanksgiving

A Torontonian by birth, New Yorker at heart and Brit by residence, one writer finds the perfect way to reconcile her influences while putting a Jewish spin on the holiday.

The Author: Israel Zangwill, in 1913, the man who coined ?The Melting Pot? as a phrase and idea,

Diving Into 'The Melting Pot' for Answers on Pew Survey of #Jewish America

Maybe it’s time to turn to literature and a historic play to understand why the reaction to the Pew study has been so fierce. A professor chooses ‘The Melting Pot’ for answers.

Open and Shut: Seven-year-old Lucas Ludvig, left, and his friend Elan Ronen were forced to find new schools after the Solomon Schechter School of the Raritan Valley abruptly announced it would not reopen this fall.

When a Jewish Day School Closes Days Before Start of Classes

Thirteen days before the start of classes, a Schechter school in central New Jersey announced it would not reopen after summer. Parents and students were left to ask: ‘What now?’

David and me (Toronto, 1985). The caption on the back reads ?Skinny and Bizzy.?