Laura Silver

A Knish Tale, Wrapped in Old Newspaper

Forty-three years ago today, Gussie “Ma” Schwebel graced the front page of the Forverts after engaging in correspondence with Eleanor Roosevelt about her knishes.

Celebrate National Knish Week With DIY Knishes

May 5th is the beginning of national knish week. If you live outside of a knish capital, try making the potato dumplings at home with the recipe from Brooklyn’s legendary knishery Mrs. Stahl’s.

Gabila's Knishes Up for Grabs on eBay

Knish lovers: Stop kvetching and start bidding. Gabila’s Long Island knish factory was shut by a fire, but its knishes are up for grabs. Track the bidding!

Wild, Wild West

Forget about “Blazing Saddles” — there really is Jewish history in them thar hills.

Star Celebrates the Holidays Wearing Three Hats

’Tis the season for Jerry Stiller. This year, the veteran comedian’s got his hands in festive ventures on all parts of the holiday spectrum. For Hanukkah, he’s the voice of a singing, dancing, latke-proffering doll; as Arthur Spooner on the CBS sitcom “The King of Queens,” he gave his daughter and son-in-law a Christmas present

When the Past Becomes Safe Enough To Revisit

Once upon a time, back in the halcyon days of the 1980s, there was celebrated a Jewish rite of passage known as the bar or bat mitzvah. Upon arriving at such an affair, one was greeted with a sign-in board adorned with photos of the celebrant; the assembled were dressed in an array of cringe-inducing getups. The dancing was done to such artists as