Leah Bieler

Why Jews Should Ride With Muslims in Sydney

After the hostage drama in Sydney, Jews should lend support to Muslims, Leah Bieler writes. We know what it’s like to be blamed for sins we did not commit.

How This Summer Made Me a Racist

Leah Bieler has always been proud of how her Jewish community responds to racial issues. But with the Gaza war rocking Israel this summer, she herself turned into a racist.

Beseeching: A Jewish student prays for the three teenagers believed to have been kidnapped by militants.

Prayer Won't #BringBackOurBoys

The whole Jewish world is praying for the three kidnapped Israeli teens. Leah Bieler writes that such devotion risks taking the focus away from those who are really responsible.

We Still Don't Know How To Teach the Holocaust

The Holocaust education Leah Bieler got as a child was way too intense. But what they’re teaching her kids now is too watered down. Where’s the middle ground?

A Woman's Place is at Prayer — at Kotel or Upper West Side

The smirks and anger of men fighting against women praying at the Kotel feel familiar to Leah Bieler. She experienced the same emotions 20 years ago on the Upper West Side.