Margaret Eby

Megan Amram's Simple Physics for Ladies

Ladies, have you wondered what planet you would weigh the least on — or what household chemicals make the best cocktails? Comedian Megan Amram has your answers.

Pritzker Priority: The Treblinka death camp memorial in Poland. The Pritzkers have given generously to Holocaust education and memorials.

Where the Pritzker Money Goes

From architecture to public education, the Pritzkers, one of the wealthiest families in the United States, support a diverse array of philanthropic causes. Here are the most important ones.

Serving in Silence: An estimated 15,500 transgender people are service members of the army.

How Colonel Jennifer Pritzker Pushes for Transgender Rights in Military

Transgender people are still banned from serving openly in the U.S. military. Colonel Jennifer Pritzker, Jewish billionaire and army veteran, is trying to change that.

United Noshes: The Alphabet Foodies

Jesse Friedman and Laura Hadden are on a quest to explore world cuisine one U.N. member state at a time — and they’ve finally reached Israel.

Literary Ombudswoman: Bestselling author Jennifer Weiner criticizes how books by, for and about women are reviewed.

Jennifer Weiner Questions Genre and Gender in the Literary World

Jennifer Weiner is known as a best-selling author of fiction aimed at women. But what keeps her up at night is how the literary establishment pigeonholes writers by genre and gender.

The Science of Laughter

Journalist Joel Warner trekked across the world in search of the answer to a seemingly simple question: What makes people laugh?

Zucker Bakery’s Turkey-Stuffed Sufganiyah

Manhattan’s Zucker bakery is turning out turkey-and-cranberry stuffed donuts. It sounds radical, but it’s really just an upscale hot pocket that’s pretty tasty.

Katz's Deli Gets Artsy

Want a side of art with that pastrami on rye? You’re in luck. Katz’s deli just opened a pop-up art gallery next door to the 125-year-old sandwich shop.

Glass Half Full: Neil Blumenthal is one of the four founders of Warby Parker.

Neil Blumenthal Is Behind Each Pair of Distributed Warby Parker Glasses

For every pair of glasses Warby Parker sells, it gives a pair to someone in need. The strategy is as clever as it is generous.