Maya Paley

2 Women Put a Darfuri Survivor Through College

When Maya Paley and Tamar Shertok met Guy, a Darfuri genocide survivor who dreamed of going to college, they knew they had to help — whatever the cost.

For Africans in Israel, Time for Justice

Israel’s high court struck down the policy of detaining African asylum-seekers. Why can’t the government seek justice instead of punishment for immigrants?

Maya Paley
Seeking Refuge: Israel?s new policy of detaining African asylum seekers is wrong and American Jews should speak up, Maya Paley writes.

Israel’s African Problem and Us

A new Israeli law allows undocumented immigrants, mostly African asylum seekers, to be detained indefinitely. Diaspora Jews must not turn a blind eye to this injustice.

Two Flags: Immigrants from South Sudan meet over Israeli efforts to deport members of their community.