Mendel Horowitz

Birds and Bees: Who will talk to them about their inevitable impulses?

For Orthodox Parents, Time To Talk Sex

Talk of sex is taboo among Orthodox Jews, but this may leave children to grow up with feelings of shame and loneliness, Mendel Horowitz writes.

Genetic Memories: The observance of Tisha B?Av is marked by the remembrance of millennia of exile.

Honoring Sorrow and Remembering Franz Kafka on Tisha B'Av

For one essayist, who moved from New York to Tel Aviv, the world may have changed. But the sorrow that accompanies Tisha B’Av seems to remain eternal.

Shavuot Is Tough Sell in Age of 140 Characters

Shavuot is a hard sell to young adults hooked on Facebook and Twitter. Telling them to embrace a holiday of ideas is like asking them to hug a thesaurus.

Unleavened Melancholy: At this time of year, sometimes it?s easier to ask the Four Questions than to answer them.

Finding Passover Wisdom In The Work of Rainier Maria Rilke

Passover can be a joyous time, yet for some it comes with a large dose of melancholy. A rabbi finds solace in family and the work of Rainer Maria Rilke.

Tattoo You: From the era of baseball?s Dodgers to the arrival of basketball?s Nets, sports has been an indelible aspect of growing up in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Nets Back in the 'Hood

More than 55 years after the Jews’ beloved Dodgers left town, Brooklyn has finally landed a bigtime sports franchise in the Nets.