Netty C. Gross

Kosher, By Design

Despite the much-touted death of the physical book, the Orthodox Jewish publishing industry is booming. Perhaps because of the prohibition against using electricity on holidays or on the Sabbath, the ?ArtScroll revolution? is well under way.

Glum: Despite the wine, no magic in Wiesel on Rashi.

Rashi, Wiesel: Why, Why, Why?

‘Why Rashi and why me,” asks Elie Wiesel, in the preface to “Rashi,” a slim biography that is the latest offering in the Jewish Encounters series by NextBooks.

Ex-Beauty Queen: Knesset member Anastasia Michaeli Samuelson, who comes from the Sarah Palin school of conservatism, spoke before an image of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. She?s a member of his Yisrael Beiteinu party.

Israel’s Politician as Super Woman

“Another soldier,” Anastasia Michaeli Samuelson said, patting her belly proudly when asked the sex of her soon-to-be-born eighth child.