Rhea Yablon Kennedy

These signs are popping up all over D.C. Metro Stations
Members of the Videofreex collective pose in a Manhattan loft circa 1970. The author?s father, Chuck Kennedy, stands in the top row, second from left. Photoshopped from an original by Bill Cox, courtesy of Videofreex.com.

Yid.Dish: Jerusalem artichoke soup for 700 (or 6)

People love to cook for intimate gatherings, but they also have a fascination with mass-producing food.

Yid.Dish: Beer Bread from the Edge of Irony

To participate in the sustainable food movement today is to live on the edge of irony. Especially if you’re taking part in the movement from a seriously urban setting like, say, Washington, D.C.

Yid.Dish: Watermelon Agua Fresca and Tomato Pie

What’s with tomatoes and watermelon this year? I have seen them side by side at local farmers markets, of course, having both come into season recently. But in an odd development, I started to see them together in recipes, too.