Ruth Messinger

How I Remember Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo was a man who took his faith seriously and always looked to unite New Yorkers. Ruth Messinger says we could use more like him.

Stop the Hate: Protesters tried to deliver a petition urging Uganda President Yoweri Museveni to veto anti-gay legislation.

Don't Sign Uganda Anti-Gay Law

Ugandans may think they are acting out of faith by banning homosexuality. In fact, they are promoting hatred and violence against LGBT people, Ruth Messinger writes.

Anne Heyman's Remarkable Life of Service

Anne Heyman lived a remarkable life of service, Ruth Messinger writes. Jewish identity drove her to struggle against apartheid and genocide — while loving her family passionately.

Strength and Faith: The story of Malala Yousafzai reinforces the message of Bible stories about the need to empower women.

Giving Women a Voice Is Powerful Message for High Holidays

As we sit in synagogue for the High Holidays, let’s remember the complex stories about biblical women — and the lessons they hold for the challenges of our world today.

Images of cash for work team working on crops outside town of Sodo.
Injustice Anywhere: Nigerians protest abuses by Shell Oil company in the Niger Delta region. The White House is on the wrong side of history by opposing efforts to allow American law to address overseas human rights abuses.

Applying American Law to Far-Off Crimes

The White House wants to limit victims of abuse overseas to use American law to gain justice. From Germany to Nigeria’s oil fields, that puts us on the wrong side of history.

Manmade Woes: The famine sweeping the Horn of Africa is exacerbated by misguided policies by donors, especially the United States.

American Food Policy Harms Neediest

America is the largest food donor in the world. Jews should fight to end misguided U.S. policies that stop aid from getting to victims, and prevent countries from feeding themselves.

In Uganda, a Hate That We Must Confront

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel once said that Judaism “takes the mind out of the narrowness of self-interest.” During the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded of the urgent need for American Jews to make this formulation real as I’ve turned my attention to a flagrant threat to human rights in Uganda.

Esther’s Lesson for Sudan

I have always been fascinated by Purim — a holiday that celebrates a disaster that nearly *happened but didn’t, a planned genocide against the Jewish people in ancient Persia that was subverted at the final hour. *The heroine of this story was a woman, Queen Esther, whose nerve and diplomatic savvy rescued the Jewish community from a plot to destroy it.