Sarah Wildman

AIPAC Quietly Courts Liberals Under Cloud of Iran

At this year’s AIPAC conference, a quiet aim of the three-day forum went mostly unnoticed: courting progressives.

Selfies of a Lady: Dated May 5, 1939, Valerie ‘Valy’ Scheftel sent this letter to Karl in the United States, mourning the absence of letters from him. The first photo is captioned ‘I’m so sad! No letter from Karl has come yet!’ Sarah Wildman found it tucked in her grandfather’s old album.

The Girlfriend He Left in Vienna

In her new book, Sarah Wildman details the discovery of old letters sent to her grandfather by Valerie Scheftel, the girlfriend he had to leave in Vienna when he escaped the Nazis.

Genocide Is Always Wrong

Genocide is always wrong. That anyone could openly propose such a crime shows just how much damage the Gaza war has already done, Sarah Wildman writes.

Documenting Their Stories: Dan Yaalon left Czechoslovakia in 1939. He went to Denmark where he stayed until 1941 when he left for Palestine. Now he lives with his family in Israel. He is pictured here with Judith Matyá?ová.

Documenting The Other Kindertransport

Judith Matyášová seeks to make a book and a documentary film about the Czech rescue of Jewish children before the Holocaust. She needs help.

A Reunion Postponed: Judit Shaked left Czechoslovakia for Denmark in 1939. Recently, she reunited with some of the survivors of the second kindertransport.

The Other Kindertransport

In the former Czechoslovakia, 150 Jewish teenagers managed to escape the Nazis. After 70 years, some of the survivors have reunited.

Rachel Tzvia Back’s Verse Confronts Devastating Loss

Poet Rachel Tzvia Back palpates the edges and depths of grief and mourning. The text in her latest book of verse, ‘A Messenger Comes,’ is unflinching and raw.

Jewish Quarter: Scenic T?ebí? includes an 18th-century ghetto.

Finding Jewish Life in Eastern Europe

TRAVEL: Jewish cultural festivals — of which there are now several — are key to understanding both what was lost and what remains of Jewish life in Poland and Moravia.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

TRAVEL: Sleek boutique hotels are sprouting up across Israel. These gorgeously designed spaces offer top-notch service and intimate settings.

Mallorca's Jews Get Their Due

Members of chueto, or crypto-Jewish community, in Mallorca are reclaiming their Jewish identity — 600 years after the Spanish Inquisition.

Seeing Both Sides of the Holy Land

Most tourists only see one side of the Israeli-Palestinian divide. An innovative program aims to let outsiders see the country through a dual narrative.