Shulem Deen

Lessons of Crime and Punishment in New Square Yeshiva

As a young dad in the Skverer sect, Shulem Deen took the one job open to him: teacher. He was shocked to find that punishment was the bedrock of education at the New Square Yeshiva.

Men Pushing Baby Strollers? Only Goys Do That!

It’s goyish for men to push baby strollers — or at least, that’s what a Hasidic newspaper ad wants Jews to believe. Shulem Deen explains why the ban will never stick.

Who Says Hasidim Have 'Dead Eyes'?

Why are Hasidim expected to greet every gawking tourist with a smile? Shulem Deen slams a psychologist who describes them as ‘dead-eyed’ and ‘creepy.’

The Secret Genius of Hasidic Fashion

It’s debatable whether the Satmars have gained the respect of the world. But their rebbe’s ideology of separatism has proven effective at preserving the Hasidic lifestyle — and attire.

Williamsburg Bike Wars Provide Family Drama

‘Division Avenue’ is a play about the battle over bicycles in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg. It’s also about the fight between Hasids and hipsters as gentrification meets the urban shtetl.

A Father?s Burden: The ultra-Orthodox population in Brooklyn has skyrocketed in recent years because of large families.

Hasidic Women Feel Pressure for Children, But Fathers Fret About Providing

It’s not just Hasidic women who feel trapped into having many children. Shulem Deen recalls being forced by Halacha — and his wife — to have more than he had any hope of providing for.

What Is Really Happening in New Square?

A former yeshiva student in New Square weighs in on what’s behind the recent attempted firebombing that left a dissident member of the community with severe burns on more than half of his body.