Stephen Hazan Arnoff

Addicted to Aggadah

As they recover from addiction, Peter Bebergal and Alan Kaufman find creative voices to carry their sensitivity while hanging soberly on to the world.

Joshua Foer’s Memory Palace

In his intriguing first book, “Moonwalking With Einstein,” Joshua Foer takes on the task of explaining the history of memory, its current state and how he entered the world of competitive recollection. He surveys the meaning and significance of memory from ancient Greece, through the Renaissance and up to now.

Midrashic: Greil Marcus teases out interpretations of Dylan.

Understanding the Myth and Music of Bob Dylan

Choose almost any critical approach — biographical, political, religious, literary, musical, philosophical or historical — and chances are it already has been used to try to explain Bob Dylan and his work. Hundreds of books, thousands of articles and an ever-expanding universe of listservs, websites, magazines, academic courses and conferences sing Dylan’s loyal chorus of commentary.

Just a Song and Dance Man: Bob Dylan in mode of prophet with hat.

Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet

In writing “Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet,” what he describes as a “Jewish biography” of Bob Dylan, Seth Rogovoy joins an ever-growing guild of critics and thinkers who have attempted to offer definitive interpretations of one of the most purposefully elusive and iconic cultural figures of the past half-century.

TWO NICE JEWISH BOYS: Robert Zimmerman in 1978.

Jesus, Bob: To Live Outside the Law You Must Be Honest

Of all the intangible elements contributing to Bob Dylan’s sustaining genius — prodigious recall of the breadth and depth of American song; a restless, creative spirit, and abiding intellectual curiosity — none has been more powerful than his ability to confound expectations.