Tuvia Tenenbom

Occupying His Territory: Tuvia Tenenbom makes his way back from the Al-Aqsa mosque.

Tuvia Tenenbom Talks Back to His Critic(s)

On April 22, the Forward ran a critical review of Tuvia Tenenbom’s book “Catch the Jew.” Here, Mr. Tenenbom takes issue with his detractors.

Fear, Trembling and Madness After Bibi’s Re-Election

It’s election day in Israel, and Tuvia Tenenbom tours the country. He retells his encounters with bacon, the key to heaven and activists for the Arab List.

Uri Avnery and Me: In Oldenburg, Tenenbom makes the acquaintance of trees and heroic schoolteachers.

A Textbook Case of Anti-Semitism in Oldenburg

In a German university town, Tuvia Tenenbom encounters not only strange bathrooms and a suspicious lack of bagels — but also an unsettling case of anti-Semitism.

Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions: Tuvia Tenenbom pauses for a photo during recent unrest in Israel.

Why European NGO's and the Red Cross Are Real Enemies in Israel

Idealistic young Germans once came to Israel to make amends for the Holocaust. Now they come for a whole different purpose, and Tuvia Tenenbom explains why that’s a problem.

Arms Around the World: Tenenbom embraces some new friends at Hillel, an organization dedicated to helping ex-Haredi Jews.

Everything He Wanted To Know About Life Among the Ex-Orthodox

Tuvia Tenenbom thought he might escape the gloom of strife-torn Jerusalem by spending an uplifting evening with those who have left the Orthodox world. Boy, was he wrong.

An Outpost of Progress: The author on assignment.

In Search of the Bibi Haters in Israel

Opinion polls say that Benjamin Netanyahu is faring poorly. But on the ground in Israel, Tuvia Tenenbom finds a very different story.

Checking Out the Dome: Tuvia Tenenbom inspects the site of Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Living Under the Iron Dome

Tuvia Tenenbom takes the pulse of Israel and the West Bank as only he can. His counterintuitive conclusion? The calmest place around is a Jewish settlement far beyond the Green Line.

Protecting the Homeland: The author poses in front of a tank in the Carpathian Mountains.

My Hunt for the Cossacks in Ukraine

Every Jew of European heritage has heard of the Cossacks. Tuvia Tenenbom went to Ukraine in search of the feared figures of his childhood nightmares — but found something very unexpected.

Only Rock And Roll: Mick Jagger sings “Angie” during the Shavuot Tel Aviv concert.

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Rolling Stones Concert

Tuvia Tenenbom joins 50,000 fans and millions of mosquitoes at the Rolling Stones concert in Tel Aviv. But the most interesting things were happening far from the stage.

There's Something Rotten in Akko (and It's Not the Falafel)

Rumor has it that the Jews kicked the Arab population out of the old city of Akko. But if that’s true, why are there so many people here speaking Arabic, Tuvia Tenenbom asks.