Yermi Brenner

Matzo Means Hope: African immigrants celebrate a mock Seder at the detention center where they are being held in the Negev Desert.

Celebrating Holiday of Freedom in an Israeli Desert Jail

African immigrants detained in an Israeli jail celebrated Passover in a mock Seder last week. They did so as the threat of a real-life plague of deportation hangs over them.

An Israeli and German Alliance Decades in the Making

Yakov Hadas-Handelsman is the Israeli ambassador to Germany. He devotes much of his time to nourishing and deepening the relationship with the German nation, which has become Israel’s closest ally in Europe.

The People or the Prejudiced? A Pegida rally on January 25

Why Are Jews Supporting a German Right-Wing Movement?

German Jews are mostly united in their opposition to extremism, for obvious reasons. Why do some of them support Pegida, a fast-growing, far-right wing, anti-Muslim group?

The Next Stage: Steven Hartung, once a member of a neo-Nazi group, is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and sociology.

How To Leave the Neo-Nazis in Two Easy Lessons — and One Hard One

There are an estimated 21,700 people with extreme right-wing views in Germany. Thanks to an organization called Exit, Steven Hartung is no longer one of them.

Living in Berlin: Muslims take part in a traditional Friday Prayer as part of a nationwide event in Germany called, ‘Muslims Against Hatred and Injustice.’

How Germany Is Attempting To De-Radicalize Muslim Extremists

There has been a steep rise in people from Europe who travel abroad to fight for jihad. In Germany, a grassroots group is trying to change that.

Salaam-Schalom organized a human chain event in Neukollen.

In Berlin, Jews and Muslims Fight for Each Other

Just as Jewish-Muslim tensions reached fever pitch during this summer’s Gaza war, the newly-formed Salaam-Schalom Initiative got the two groups to join hands —  literally.

Israelis Bring Better Salad to Berlin

A Berlin start-up founded by Israelis is experimenting with an alternative to traditional produce that’s more sustainable, healthier and tastier.

Berlin's Hummus Entrepreneurs

Three Israelis living in Germany have transplanted their country’s most iconic cuisine to a surprisingly welcoming city — but not without adaptations.

Need To Know: Palestinian protesters try to block Israeli bulldozer on the occupied West Bank.

Photo Activists Shoot Against the Grain — Win Both Respect and Hatred in Israel

Activestills, a group of activist Israeli photographers, documents political and social struggles. It’s not an easy role to play in an increasingly nationalistic country.

Kibbutz Culture Changes — and Kids Come Back

After years of stagnation, kibbutz populations are growing. Young families are drawn by a new tolerance for family independence — with a strong community spirit.