Mixing Bowl: Hanukkah Recipes; The Farm Bill

Sufganiyot get a 21st century makeover. Check out the Mexican hot chocolate glazed ones with fluff filling. [ Chow ]

If you’d rather buy your sufganiyot, stop by Mile End for some raspberry filled poppers. [ Fork in the Road ]

What happened at the Farm Bill Hack-a-Thon? [ Grist ]

Get your fry on with these recommendations for how to fry perfectly for Hanukkah. [ Epicurious ]

Left over corned beef from the deli can be transformed into this deliciously rich corned beef hash. [ Serious Eats ]

Books for the cooks that aren’t cookbooks. [ The Kitchn ]

Vegetarian matzo ball soup, enough said. The Kitchn ]

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  • "Donniel Hartman said the miracle of Hanukkah is not just that the oil lasted 8 days; it’s actually that it lasted more than one. Would we have said, 'Dayenu,' (to mix metaphors,) if it had lasted two days? Would we have had a holiday? Probably, yes. The idea that we as a Jewish community, even in our darkest moments, hold out the hope that a candle is going to keep burning, I find very powerful."Rabbi Rachel Ain

  • "“We would all argue vehemently and work tireless against assimilation. But the Hellenists and we Reform Jews didn’t assimilate. We acculturate, and by doing so, provide a portal for continuity unavailable to those who continue a quasi-ghettoized existence with all the ramifications thereof, good and bad. The irony, rarely mentioned by those who use the Hanukah story to justify Orthodoxy, is that the Maccabees (Hasmoneans) lasted a century and a half before they disappeared, having taken on Greek names as High Priests and Kings. And Rabbinic Judaism, the first ‘reform’ movement, birthed all of us.”"Rabbi Peter J. Rubinstein

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      Mixing Bowl: Hanukkah Recipes; The Farm Bill

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