Mixing Bowl: Hanukkah Edition

Image: Flickr: elana's pantry

Everything you would ever want to know about making the perfect classic latke. [ Serious Eats ]

If you’re looking for more innovative latke recipes, here are five. [ The Kitchn ]

And what to serve with those latkes? Here are some suggestions, including a delicious recipe for Orange Olive Oil Cake with Candied Walnuts. [ Serious Eats ]

A menorah made of chocolate that you can eat? Yeah, we’re pretty excited about it too. [ New York Times ]

Get that frier ready! Jewish fried treats from around the globe, one for each of the eight nights. [ Philadelphia Jewish Voice ]

Make your own artisanal gelt at home. [ Philadelphia Jewish Voice ]

Our favorite Brooklyn deli, Mile End, is serving up Chinese food on Christmas. [ Eater ]

Milk Street Café, a few month old kosher cafeteria on Wall Street is closing. [ Eater ]

Just what does it take to make the White House kitchen kosher for it’s annual Hanukkah party? [ New York Times ]

If you’re lucky enough to be headed to Italy over the holidays, here’s a guide to kosher eats in Rome. [ New York Times ]