Mixing Bowl: Kosher Wimbledon; Pickle Video

Image: iStock

Take a tour of Uri Buri’s ice cream shop in Acco, where he makes locally sourced seasonal ice cream flavors like yogurt with lime and poppy seeds. [ Serious Eats ]

A kosher food truck rolled up to Wimbledon last week, giving kosher tennis fans some options other than a tuna fish sandwich. [ Chabad.org ]

Paris-based food writer, David Lebovitz, continues to blog from his trip to the Holy Land. This week he shares his recipe for tahini and almond cookies. [ David Lebovitz ]

A first look at New York’s newest hip kosher restaurant, Jezebel. [ Grub Street ]

Canada hosts it’s first kosher wine fest. L’Chaim! [ Shalom Life ]

Zalatimo bakery in Jerusalem’s Old City has been making mutabak , a paper-thin dough stuffed with white cheese curds and drizzled with simple syrup, for 150 years. Learn how they do it. [ The Kitchn ]

Home cooking champion Marion Cunningham passed away this week. We’ll be cooking from her “Fannie Farmer” cookbook all weekend in her memory. [ New York Times ]

Black pepper is one of the most essential ingredients in the kitchen. Get to know the different varieties with this helpful guide. [ Serious Eats ]

A video about kosher dills. Just for fun.