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Three Months After the Farm Bill, Where's the Kosher Food?

Courtesy of Masbia

Lawmakers Rush To Finish Farm Bill Extension

The U.S. House and Senate agriculture committees are working on a short-term extension to the expired U.S. farm bill, and plan to vote on the extension by Monday, the final day of 2012, lawmakers and aides said.

The proposed extension to farm legislation that expired in September could be for six months to a year.

Not Outraged? You're Not Paying Attention!

If you’re Jewish, and into food, and not outraged, then you’re not paying attention.

Americans like to think of ourselves as a generous people, and we are – even though special interests transform much of our international food aid programs into a wasteful boondoggle that undermines the abilities of communities and countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America to feed themselves. And that’s what’s happening now. Food aid is critical and important, but for it to work, it needs to work right, and right now, not enough of it is.

Mixing Bowl: Pastrami Knish; Farm Bill

Image: iStock

Catch a sneak peak of “The Mile End Cookbook,” which has a whole section on DIY deli. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it. [Grub Street]

Story of a Fishpond in Rural Mexico

Rabbis on Capitol Hill as part of Lobby Day

Image: Photo By Brendan Hoffman

Rabbis on Capitol Hill as part of Lobby Day

This is the story of a fishpond.

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