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Gil Marks, Jewish Food Scholar, Dies at 62

Triumphant in 2005 after accepting the James Beard award for ‘Olive Trees and Honey.’

Looking Back — and Forward — to Schav

Photo: Joelle Abramowitz

The Jewish Relationship with Food — Part 1

Image: Thinkstock

Moment Magazine asked 18 experts “Is There a Secret Ingredient in the Jewish Relationship with Food?” in their latest issue — and got some fascinating answers. Below are three of them and we’ll post three more in the coming days with permission from the magazine. We want to hear what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments.

Mixing Bowl: Kosher Picnic Recipes

Image: Thinkstock

Check out Gil Marks’s new column on cakes over at the History Kitchen. His strawberry shortcake makes a perfect summer Shabbat dessert. [History Kitchen]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Trees

Image: Rachel Grossman

By my bedside at any given time, I have two or three books on rotation. Currently one of those books is Russ Parsons’ How to Pick a Peach. The main idea is simple, but often overlooked: good food comes from good ingredients. In today’s world, how many of us know to store an onion, or a potato, a peach, or a pear? Do we know when fruits ripen, or even when they are in season? Can we tell when they are not, now that strawberries are always a bold, eye-popping red and peaches always a fuzzy pink? And even if the ingredient is good, which variety of pear is the best? Do we know how to core that pear? Poach it?

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