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Kosher Vegan Food Truck Rolls to a Stop

Cinnamon Snail food truck in happier times. Facebook

Green Fruity Carrot Salad

A creative healthful green alternative to the traditional carrot raisin salad. Photograph by Alix Wall.

A Vegan Cholent for Next Shabbat

Photograph by Vered Guttman

Food Trends Abound at Kosherfest

Inside Kosherfest 2014. Photograph by Liza Schoenfein

Does Vegan Mean Healthy?

When I decided to go vegan this past February, I expected to feel healthier and to have a clearer conscience regarding my dietary and shopping choices. I found that while it was easier to eat food that technically fit the requirements of being vegan than I had imagined, it did not always mean more healthful or ethical food. While one can be mindfully vegan, it is also easy to eat a lot of unhealthy and unethical foods that don’t contain animal byproducts such as Oreos. I also found myself eating much more soy than I previously had, which made me bloated and gassy. Of course, I could have taken the time and effort to plan a more conscientious diet, as friends of mine have, but I most often found it easier to take the easy way out and go along enjoying my tofu-wrapped Oreos stuffed with Twizzlers.

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Share the Bounty