My Obstetrician’s Rx: Liverwurst

A native New Yorker, Deborah Kolben was living in Berlin when she found out she was pregnant with her first child. In this essay, she discusses playing charades in the obstetrician’s office, being prescribed blood sausage and her complicated feelings about the prospect of giving birth in Germany.

Fearing Arrest, Ya'alon Cancels Britain Trip

An Israeli deputy prime minister canceled a planned trip to Britain out of fear that he would be arrested.

Want Amid Plenty: An elderly Jewish woman walks amid boxes of food that were intended for distribution to the poor and needy for Rosh Hashanah. New statistics show increasing numbers of Israelis relying on such services.

New Israeli Data Pointing Toward An Erosion of The Middle Class

Economists are bracing for an early warning about what toll the world economic crisis may be taking on Israel’s population.

Restricted: Visas Good for West Bank Only

Omar Rahman was on his way from America to a friend’s wedding in Jerusalem. The 25-year-old journalist, born and raised in Washington to parents of Palestinian descent, had visited the West Bank and Israel many times before, and although he was used to the four-hour wait at the border crossing, he had never encountered any problems.

‘Death Panels’ Obscure Real End-of-Life Challenges

Even with the recent hue and cry during the health care debate over so-called “death panels,” Jewish experts on end-of-life issues say they have a tough time drawing attention to the real questions about medical interventions, care and spending in the final years and months of life.