Past and Present: Israel’s Impact on the Developing World

In 1958, Israel was a fledgling state barely able to provide for its own. It was beset on all sides by enemies threatening imminent attack and trying to cope with the absorption of hundreds of thousands of refugees. Nonetheless, that year it launched an ambitious initiative aimed at sharing its nation-building know-how with newly nascent countries in Africa and Asia that were gaining independence from colonial powers.


Tips for a Day That Is Hard To Say

When it’s America’s Independence Day, we know exactly how to celebrate: We overeat! Hot dogs, hamburgers, brownies slathered in flag-colored frosting. Or cake with red, white and blue sprinkles, and toasted marshmallows, of course. And diet Coke. We’re proud of our heritage.

Two Leading Contenders for Justice Stevens’s Supreme Court Seat Are Jewish

Jewish representation in the Supreme Court could reach a historic high following the April 9 announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens’s retirement.

Worry That New Sanctions Will Not Curb Iran’s Nuclear Goals

As another set of sanctions against Iran makes its way through the United Nations — the fourth in as many years — heads of American Jewish organizations and pro-Israel foreign policy analysts are wondering if these or any other measures will really be able to change the behavior of the regime in Tehran.


Now It Is Told: An Israeli Story Of Secrecy and Censorship

The story on page one of Israel’s largest daily formed a graphic that was a conversation stopper: columns of print that looked like a series of vertical piano keyboards with thick, irregularly spaced black keys, and a large headline that read, “Israel’s Censorship Scandal.”

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