U.N. and Israel Sharply Differ on Flotilla Violence

U.N. and Israeli inquiries agreed that Israel had a right to board the Gaza flotilla boat last year. What happened next is still furiously disputed, and roils the Middle East to this day.


Major Jewish Groups Won't Rally Against Statehood Bid at U.N.

Despite the furor over the Palestinians’ plan to push for statehood, major Jewish groups have decided not to stage rallies at the United Nations in coming days.


Redistricting Tosses Two Jewish Democrats Into Los Angeles Street Fight

With the battle for Anthony Weiner’s old district done, a battle for a traditionally Jewish seat is looming between Democratic incumbents in Los Angeles.

Blogger Carves Out Niche Baring Israeli Intel Secrets

Blogger Richard Silverstein has made waves by baring secrets that can’t be reported in Israel. Is he holding Israel accountable or an ideologue spreading rumors?


Rift Between Israel and Turkey Puts White House on the Spot

Israel and Turkey are feuding over the fallout from last year’s Gaza flotilla. With the bigger picture in mind, the U.S. wants its key Middle East allies to play nice.

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