A Feisty Jewish Judge Fights Her Way Through a Bitter Race in Wisconsin

Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg is engaged in the most politicized judicial race in the country — one that could clip the wings of her state’s powerful conservative governor if she wins.


Israel Passes Law to Cap Bankers’ Salaries

The Israeli Knesset passed one of the world’s toughest curbs on bank executives’ salaries to try to narrow a big gap between bosses’ and workers’ pay.


‘Tell the Truth,’ Auschwitz Survivor Urges Accused in Nazi Trials

A Holocaust survivor said on Tuesday that four suspects accused by German prosecutors of being accessory to murder at Auschwitz must have known of the mass killings taking place at the camp because of the “unbearable stench” of burning bodies.

Charges for IDF Soldier Who Fatally Shot Terrorist May Be Downgraded

A soldier caught on video shooting a prone Palestinian terrorist in the head could be charged with manslaughter rather than murder, the military prosecutor said at a hearing.


Did This Yiddish Word Predict the Rise of Trump?

While many are grappling to offer explanations for the unlikely rise of Donald Trump, an obscure Yiddish word may actually have predicted his success.

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