A Contest for 'Cool Mamalahs'

Self-promotion comes in many forms.

This year, six Jewish ladies who call themselves the “Cool Mamalahs” have pooled their talents to create the Call-Your-Mother Gift Box Giveaway, a Mother’s Day contest to celebrate Jewish women (and a convenient, albeit cute, way for the Cool Mamalahs — a group of artists, writers, performers and entrepreneurs — to peddle their wares).

To enter the contest, one must be willing to tell ModernTribe.com’s blog and all of the Internet-surfing world about the fabulousness of his or her mom (or grandma, sister, aunt, cousin or friend). The winning answer snags the gift box worth more than $150; the prize includes a “A Fistful of Lentils,” the Sephardic cookbook by Jennifer Felicia Abadi; Lisa Alcalay Klug’s amusing book “Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide for Every Member of the Tribe,”, as well as holiday music CDs and Jewish-themed art.

The advertising campaign, er, contest is the brainchild of Jennie Rivlin Roberts, who founded the online Judaica store ModernTribe.com, and Alcalay Klug. The pair coordinated similar contests for Passover and Purim.

Mothers Day is May 10.