Prime Ribs: Haredi Women in High-Tech; Artificial Ovaries

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s eldest daughter, Adina Bar Shalom, is helping to train Haredi women for jobs in Israel’s high-tech sector.

Meanwhile, secular Israeli women have a higher rate of workforce participation than do women in any other developed country, Haaretz reports.

In a discovery that could help women undergoing cancer treatment preserve their fertility, scientists have created the first artificial human ovary that can grow and mature human eggs.

The Jerusalem Rabbinical Court has ruled that an Ethiopian-Israeli woman — who, for four years, could not marry her fiancé because rabbis cast doubt on her Jewish status — need not undergo a conversion to obtain a marriage license.

The right-wing Institute for American Values is advocating for laws that equate sperm donation with adoption, in an apparent effort to reduce the number of single women and lesbians who conceive using donor sperm.