Backward 2015

Bintel Brief: Ask Ron Dermer

For this week’s Bintel Brief, we’re proud to have Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer answering your letters.

Secret Jewish History of Temple Beth Shalom

Temple Beth Shalom is one of Boca’s most popular bridge venues. But few who cruise past to get a nosh at Izzy’s Deli realize that there’s some Yiddish in Temple Beth Shalom’s own bloodlines.

Sustainable Fishing: Wild-caught gefiltefish off the coast of Maine

Catching Gefilte Fish in the Wild

BACKWARD: For years, I’ve served nothing but wild-caught gefilte fish at my Seder. But it’s gotten so expensive!

In a Pickle: Made to Ari’s Romanian grandfather’s recipe. The cucumbers are grown in the same manure heap (imported from a village that’s now an exurb of Bucharest), but instead of salt water, Ari uses tears from babies being circumcised.

Pain and Ponce Are Deli's Main Ingredients

BACKWARD: As you enter the narrow doorway of Brooklyn’s Pearlstein + Dung, the first thing that greets you is the sparse shtetl décor and the pungent odor of artisanal cuisine.

Bibi’s Da Bomb: Glencampbell students were unconcered about Iran’s nuclear

In Compromise, Bibi Addresses 9th Grade Model Congress in Suburban Illinois

BACKWARD: After all the controversy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu finally addressed Congress — sort of.

Lucy and David: The missing link in the evolutionary story, and Lucy (left) the artist’s reconstruction of a young australopithecus.

Jewish Teen Literally Vanishes During Latest Pew Research Study

BACKWARD: Sixteen-year-old Justin Cohen disappeared during a follow-up interview to the 2013 landmark Pew Research Center’s survey of American Jews.

Dying to Party: Top Celebs Reveal Funeral Plans

BACKWARD: Joan Rivers had her funeral all planned out. Will the self-planned shiva become a Jewish celebrity trend?

'MikiLeaks' Reveals New NSA Spying Scandal

BACKWARD: Rabbi Barry Freundel, who has pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism, has revealed that he was recruited as part of a government surveillance program called ‘MikiLeaks.’

Converso? More conversation than conversion for Cuba’s revolutionary leader.

Fidel Castro Speaks Out About Freedom, Hope And Gary Shteyngart

BACKWARD: Cuban leader Fidel Castro talks Jews, Gary Shteyngart and Katz’s Deli.

Kicking it Oldschool: Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, shown here as a teenager growing up in Copenhagen, has always been a fan of the European classics.

Jew Hatred, the New Euro Retro Chic?

BACKWARD: One of the hottest new trends in Europe is also one of the oldest — attacking Jews.