Genetics 2013

At Supreme Court: Lisa Schlager and daughter Rachel protest Myriad Genetics? claim to a patent on the BRCA gene, which they say raised the cost of testing.

BRCA 'Jewish' Cancer Gene Mutations Often Go Untested — At Deadly Cost

Testing for BRCA genetic mutations, tied to breast and ovarian cancers in Jewish women, isn’t common, despite proven risks. Marcia Watson-Levy learned the danger firsthand.

To Know or Not To Know: Dr. Kronenthal holds a vial of DNA

Coriell Institute Gives Patients a Genetic Crystal Ball — With Consequences

A new program offers participants a sneak peek at their medical risks for common genetic diseases. But advance knowledge has its ups and downs.

Breaking Taboo; Dr. William Warren Brien (left), former mayor of Beverly Hills, at the annual Neuromuscular Disease Foundation Gala with Carolyn Yashari Becher, executive director of NDF, which funds HIBM research and seeks to raise awareness about genetic disease in Sephardic communities.

Genetic Testing For Sephardic Jews Faces Reluctant Community

Genetic diseases have been largely linked with Ashkenazim. But Sephardim too have ‘Jewish’ diseases — and a new generation is coming to terms with them.

Family History: Randy Yudenfriend-Glaser, the chair of the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium (second from left), and her husband, Jordan, in a family portrait, hold children Jonathan and Lauren who have ML4, a genetic metabolic disease.

Non-Jews Hit by ‘Jewish’ Diseases Fall Through the Cracks of Genetic Screening

Tay-Sachs is probably the best known ‘Jewish’ disease. But the vast majority of babies born with the disease are not Jewish.

Don?t Tell Anyone: Jonathan Vatner, pictured at age 29, was diagnosed with Crohn?s at 13. His parents told him not to tell others.

IBD Patients Reveal Their Lonely Childhood Stories

Growing up can be hard. But try sharing with a friend your most intimate problem: that you live with a disease ravaging your waste disposal system.

Thinking Big: Itsik Pe?er, a computational biologist at Columbia University is leading effort to decode 1,500 Ashkenazi Jews.

Decoding the Ashkenazi Genome May Offer Clues to Cancer, Diabetes

GENETICS 2013: Scientists have long been acutely interested in the genes of Ashkenazi Jews. They offer clues that could solve mysteries of diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Decoding Dyslexia: Drs. Sally and Bennett Shaywitz reach out to diverse groups, including Jewish day schools, rabbis, and cantors to help them understand the challenges facing their students.

Yale Researchers Sally and Bennett Shaywitz Bust Dyslexia Myths

Yale researchers Sally and Bennett Shaywitz say there’s an upside to dyslexia. Those with the disorder tend to be out-of-the-box thinkers because they have trouble reading.