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Unwelcome: Developer Shalom Lamm says he faces anti-Semitism.

Bloomingburg Dogged by Fraud Claims as 'Hasidic' Development Backers Face Voters

The last election in Bloomingburg brought out only two dozen voters. 100 have signed up to vote in recent months as backers of an Orthodox developers plan fend off challenges.

Crackdown: Preet Bharara, federal Manhattan prosecutor, said Samuel Waldman was arrested in a crackdown on internet child porn.

Brooklyn Rabbi Samuel Waldman Hit With Child Pornography Charge

A Brooklyn rabbi was charged with downloading child pornography after federal agents caught him in a sting.

Michael Bloomberg Will Speak at Harvard Graduation

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will address this year?s crop of Harvard University graduates at their May 29 commencement, the Ivy League university said on Wednesday.

Who Counts as a Holocaust Survivor?

Jordan Kutzik works with Holocaust survivors for a living. That’s why he was taken aback when a colleague stumped him with this simple question: Who counts as a Holocaust survivor?

Frum or Fake? More than a dozen victims say this man talked them out of money with elaborate Jewish-tinged tales of woe. Is he really an Orthodox Jew or simply a skilled con man?

'Fake Frum' Con Man Scams More Than Dozen Orthodox Jews

A ‘fake frum’ con artist has been ID’d by more than a dozen Orthodox victims. They say he tricked them into giving him money with tales of woe.

Jewish Diamond Dealer Isaac Wolf Welches on $83M 'Pink Star'

Sotheby’s auction house said on Friday it acquired the “Pink Star” diamond, which had fetched a world-record price in November, after its buyer couldn’t pay and defaulted.

Snow Is Both Signal and Static for Artist Kon Trubkovich

Kon Trubkovich explores the connection between real snow and the static on your TV screen. The Moscow-born artist says he’s exploring the interplay of individual and collective memory.

No Women Shall Lead: Rabbi Hershel Schachter and other Orthodox halachic authorities say Jewish law bars so-called partnership minyans.

Y.U. Will Ordain Rabbinical Student Who Held Partnership Minyan Service

Yeshiva University, previously said to be withholding ordination from a student who held a partnership minyan in his home, now says it will grant the student ordination in March.

Traffic Czar: David Wildstein, an operative of Gov. Chris Christie, invokes the Fifth Amendment at a legislative hearing into the so-called Bridgegate scandal.

'Bridgegate' Official David Wildstein Joked About Targeting Rabbi With Traffic Jam

The Jewish aide at the center of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s ‘Bridgegate’ scandal joked about manufacturing a traffic jam at the home of a local rabbi.

Unwelcome: Developer Shalom Lamm says he faces anti-Semitism.

Hasidic Development Plans Spark Bitter Feud in Upstate N.Y. Town

Bloomingburg, N.Y. may soon be home to thousands of Hasidic Jews. But developer Shalom Lamm’s big plans for this tiny village are sparking outrage among locals.