New York

That?s So Not Funny: Some members of a Brooklyn Jewish congregation complained when William Levin, shown here with his wife, Malya, wrote ?Everyone Is Pregnant? in a newsletter.

Boasting About Being Pregnant? In Politically Correct Brooklyn, Fuhggedaboudit!

William Levin thought he was being funny when he wrote ‘Everyone Is Pregnant’ in the newsletter of his Brooklyn congregation. But for many, it was no joke.

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Ordered NYPD Detective to Arrest Aide's Rival: Lawsuit

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto ordered a New York City police officer to arrest his top aide’s business rival, according to allegations in a civil suit.

Stop the Hate: Uganda President Yoweri Museveni supports harsh new anti-gay legislation.

AJWS Wants U.S. To Recall Envoys Pulled From Gay-Ban Uganda and Nigeria

The American Jewish World Service called on the Obama administration to pull ambassadors from Uganda and Nigeria because of what it says are escalating anti-gay and other repressive measures by those governments.

Jews Ask N.Y. Mayor Bill De Blasio To 'Learn Facts About Israel and Palestine'

A Jewish group has gathered hundreds of signatures for a petition asserting that AIPAC does not represent the interests of many American Jews, weeks after the mayor made controversial remarks that the pro-Israel lobbyist group would always have a friend at City Hall.

Boycott Israel Prof Judith Butler Invited to Jewish Museum Conference on Franz Kafka

The Jewish Museum has reportedly invited a controversial critic of Israel to speak at a conference on the work of Franz Kafka in March.

Head of the Glass: Rebecca Yoshor honed her hoops skills facing off with her brothers in their Houston driveway. Now she?s a star at Yeshiva.

Yeshiva Basketball Star Rebecca Yoshor Goes to Head of the Glass

Yeshiva U. basketball star Rebecca Yoshor is leading the entire nation in rebounding. Her father says she honed her skills playing against her brothers in their driveway.

Frum or Fake? Two separate victims snapped photos of this man whom they say talked them out of money. Is he really an Orthodox Jew, or just a good faker?

Suspected Frum Con Man Targets Orthodox With Elaborate Tales of Woe

A suspected con artist is using his knowledge of Orthodox customs to rip off unspecting victims with heart-rending tales of woe. But is he really frum himself or just a clever imitator?

Outside Moscow: The writers Bessie Beatty (left) and Helen Auger with Mrs. Kalinin (behind the driver) and Rafael Rubinstein (far right) on a sled. As titular head of Soviet Russia, Kalinin needed financial guidance and Rubenstein was Kalinin?s tax expert.

'Kosher' Chicken Sold on 'Holy' Lower East Side Was Really Treyf

A Brooklyn woman journeyed all the way to the Lower East Side to buy a kosher chicken. Imagine her shock when she discovered it was really treyf.

3 Couples Wed at Empire State Building on Valentine's Day

Love was in the air atop the Empire State Building as three couples exchanged vows on Valentine’s Day, the only day weddings are permitted at the iconic New York City skyscraper.

Etan Patz Murder Case Plagued by New Questions

Manhattan prosecutors are reportedly worried about the weakness of their case against the South Jersey man accused of the notorious 1979 kidnapping and murder of Etan Patz in SoHo.