New York

Philip Seymour Hoffman 'Dealers' Busted in Death

Four people arrested in New York have been charged with drugs offences possibly connected to narcotics found at the home of film star Philip Seymour Hoffman following his death of an apparent heroin overdose, police officials said on Wednesday.

Sheldon Silver

New York Assembly Tweaking Bill on Israel Boycott

The New York Assembly is modifying a bill that would bar state funds from being used for groups that boycott Israeli universities.

Rediscovered Treasure: A 1930 French and Hebrew Passover Haggadah from Vienna was found in Baghdad.

Send Iraqi Jewish Archive Back Where It Belongs

Jewish organizations are lobbying to keep the Iraqi Jewish Archive in America. But Sigal Samuel, an Iraqi Jew, says the trove should go back to Baghdad — for everyone’s sake.

Is New York Anti-Boycott Bill in Trouble?

The New York State Senate overwhelmingly passed a bill intended to prohibit colleges from using any state money to fund groups that boycott Israeli universities.

New York Fails To Enforce Consent Forms for Metzitzah B'Peh Circumcision Rite

Two New York infants have contracted herpes after metzitzah b’peh in the last year. Why hasn’t the city enforced its parental consent form rule for the circumcision rite?

I Will! Rachel Avisrur accepts proposal from hubby-to-be Avi Wolf after finishing the Miami Marathon.

Jewish Marathoner Gets Proposal at Finish Line of Miami Race

Something very special awaited Rachel Avisrur at the end of the Miami Marathon. Her boyfriend, Avi Wolf, was ready to greet her with a bouquet of flowers — and a marriage proposal.

Eric Goldstein, New York Federation Chief, Is Not Outsider His Profile Suggests

Eric Goldstein — a Modern Orthodox Wall Street lawyer — may seem like a surprising pick to lead N.Y.’s Jewish federation. But a closer look shows he’s not such a radical departure.

New York Senate Passes Anti-Israel Boycott Bill

The New York State Senate approved a bill that would suspend funding to educational institutions which fund groups that boycott Israel.

Audience participation: Young Jews attempt to form a tabernacle using their own bodies as building materials.

‘SermonSlam’ Teeters on Edge Between Earnest and Cool

Poetry slam is a genre usually pigeonholed between rap and performance art. So why did 130 young Jews turn out at a shul to try their hand at putting sermons to rhyme?