The Jewish Vote 2012

The Forward's Election Poll: Jewish Issues

By Forward Staff

How much will Jewish issues affect your vote in the 2012 election? Don’t miss the final question in our election poll.Read More

Ohio Jews Tune Out Presidential Election

By Nathan Guttman

JEWISH VOTE 2012: Jews are long famous for their political engagement. But here in the hotly contested swing state of Ohio, many just want this presidential election to end.Read More

Election Holds Little Hope for Florida Jews

By Josh Nathan-Kazis

For Jews in South Florida, the recession has made life tougher and tougher. And few believe that the presidential election offers hope for meaningful change.Read More

Chameleon Romney Turns Race on End

By Leonard Fein

The presidential campaign has been upended as gaffable Mitt Romney has become affable and President Obama is missing the basket as often as he scores.Read More

Mitt Romney Has Plenty of GOP Baggage

By J.J. Goldberg

You’re not just electing a president in November, you’re electing a party. That’s a dangerous thought if it’s Mitt Romney and the GOP, writes J.J. Goldberg.Read More

Pennsylvania Losing Swing-State Status

By Lisa Hostein

SWING STATE JEWS: The Keystone State once commanded national attention as an electoral battleground. Now neither party’s showing it much love.Read More

Eric Cantor Takes Nothing for Granted

By Nathan Guttman

Eric Cantor, the only Republican Jewish congressman, represents a safe GOP district in Virginia. In an unpredictable campaign season, he’s still running hard to secure reelection.Read More

Pitting Family Against Politics in Ohio

By Austin Ratner

The Jewish extended family is one of the loveliest, comfiest, most rewarding aspects of the heritage. It’s also a complicating factor in one Ohio family.Read More

Philadelphia Jews Aren’t Changing Their Votes

By Nathan Guttman

For all the focus on the economy during this close presidential race, there’s little evidence that Philadelphia Jews who are struggling economically are changing their vote.Read More

Nevada Jews Swing Like the State

By John Marschall

SWING STATE JEWS: Nevada’s Jews are known for political independence. The battered economy may count for more than Israel or traditional Jewish issues.Read More

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