British Newspaper Poll Finds Jewish Parliment Member as Sexiest

And the sexiest lawmaker in the British parliment is… Jewish. Yes, in these times of political upheaval and economic crisis around the world the British media is polling citizens on who the most attractive politicians are, and Luciana Berger wins. Strangely the Mirror uses an unflattering photograph – a more typical one is found here.

Berger, only 29, came from the world of Jewish student politics. She shot to fame in 2005 when she dramatically resigned from the executive of the National Union of Students alleging that the organization had become hostile to Jews. Just then, rumors mysteriously crept in to the press that she was dating the son of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair – let’s just say they didn’t do her public exposure any harm. She went on to head Labour Friends of Israel, and now she is a rising star in parliament and a national sex symbol.