A Ben & Jerry Take on Jewish Ice Cream

In honor of yesterday’s free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s, the folks over at Tablet Magazine dreamed up some Passover-appropriate flavors .

We personally think vanilla ice cream with chocolate- and caramel-covered matzo (“Mat-So Delicious maybe?) could take the world — or at least New York, London and Israel — by storm.

But here are some of the Tablet concoctions we could get behind: Sephardic Stew (saffron ice cream with raisins); Afikomen Delight (chocolate ice cream with exactly one piece of matzo per pint) and Yerushalayim Shel Pecan (caramel ice cream with pecans and pie crust — to be eaten after Passover, of course).

You never know, these could catch on. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are both Jewish, after all.