A Ben & Jerry Take on Jewish Ice Cream

In honor of yesterday’s free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s, the folks over at Tablet Magazine dreamed up some Passover-appropriate flavors.

We personally think vanilla ice cream with chocolate- and caramel-covered matzo (“Mat-So Delicious maybe?) could take the world — or at least New York, London and Israel — by storm.

But here are some of the Tablet concoctions we could get behind: Sephardic Stew (saffron ice cream with raisins); Afikomen Delight (chocolate ice cream with exactly one piece of matzo per pint) and Yerushalayim Shel Pecan (caramel ice cream with pecans and pie crust — to be eaten after Passover, of course).

You never know, these could catch on. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are both Jewish, after all.

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  • "This holiday we take for ourselves,
 no longer silent servers behind the curtain, 
but singers of the seder,
 with voices of gladness,
 creating our own convocation,
 and leaving ‘The Narrow Place’ together."E.M. Broner

  • "The idea of opening the door is that we hope Elijah might actually be there this year – that we might actually have done enough to change the world to have had him arrive. And, if we don’t have even the tiniest bit in us that thinks he might be there, that thinks we have tried our hardest to bring around a messianic time, with no hunger, no war, no conflict, no pain – if we don’t believe that we have tried to end those broken parts in the world – well, then I tell my students – don’t do any of it."Rabbi Leora Kaye

  • "The whole seder, for me, is the tension between two statements: We say, 'We were slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt and now we’re free,' but before that, we pick up the matzoh, we invite the hungry in and we say, 'This year we are slaves, next year may we be free.' We are the most fortunate, liberated Jews in history. But on the other hand, there are lots of things that enslave us."Rabbi Arthur Green

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      A Ben & Jerry Take on Jewish Ice Cream

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