Following Facebook Fury, Coldplay Removes ‘Freedom for Palestine’ Link

Image: Getty Images

Coldplay appears to have changed its mind about the Arab-Israeli conflict — at least when it gets in the way of promoting the band’s latest single.

A week after promoting a song called “Freedom for Palestine,” the English pop/rock group has removed the link from its Facebook page, where it attracted thousands of comments, some very ugly in tone.

A collaboration between musicians described by Coldplay as “some of our friends,” the “Freedom for Palestine” clip included cartoon images of Israel’s separation barrier — and of an Israeli soldier pushing a Palestinian woman with a baby in her arms.

Two days after adding the clip to Facebook, Coldplay posted its own new single, “Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall,” a track from its forthcoming album.

Debate over the previous song continued to dominate Coldplay’s Facebook page, however — which is quite possibly the reason “Freedom for Palestine” was removed.