No Joke: Letterman Threatened by Jihadist Website

Image: Getty Images

“Lowly Jew” David Letterman must die!

That’s the pronouncement of jihadist website Shumukh al-Islam, which sentenced Letterman — a Protestant — to death because of a joke he made about the killing of Ilyas Kashmiri, a top al Qaeda official who died in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan.

Shumukh al-Islam — which apparently watches late-night talk shows? — suggested supporters “cut the tongue of the lowly Jew and shut it forever,” also referring to Letterman as a “sick Jew with defined features.” (Perhaps they had been discussing Howard Stern with Andy Dick and got confused?)

The FBI doesn’t know of any specific plans targeting Letterman, but is reportedly investigating anyway. Letterman is currently on vacation, and his production company is not commenting on the issue.

Jihadist threats are no laughing matter, but the Shmooze nevertheless suspects Letterman will wring a good “Top 10” list out of this after his return.