Why is Rachel Weisz Wearing a Cross Pendant?

Image: Getty Images

We’ve noted the recent trend of non-Jewish celebrities and public figures wearing Jewish jewelry. Remember Sarah Palin’s big Magen David pendant and Elijah Wood’s ring inscribed with a quote from Pirkei Avot? Now the Shmooze wonders why Jewish actress Rachel Weisz has started the reverse trend by wearing a cross — and one that costs $6,400.

Weisz, whose full name is Rachel Hannah Weisz and who refused to change her identifiably Jewish name for the sake of her career, can be seen in the Wall Street Journal’s latest glossy fashion supplement modeling menswear-inspired ensembles. The attractive actress looks great in all those tailored pants and jackets, including one outfit comprised of a jacket by Michael Kors, a The Row t-shirt from Barneys and trousers by Pringle of Scotland. The text with that photo also mentions that her bra (noticeable through the sheer t-shirt) is by Dolce & Gabbana and her pendant (that would be the aforementioned cross) is by De Beers.

We all know that acting and modeling are one big world of make believe, but a public person’s image lives very much in the real world. The Shmooze has no idea whether Weisz was making a religious statement with the jewelry, or whether she just didn’t think wearing it was a big deal. In the meantime, Weisz’s Jewish fans are just left looking at that cross and wondering..

Given the opportunity to act as stylist, the Shmooze might have suggested some serious proud-Jewish-woman bling — or none at all.