A Jew-ish Thanksgiving Menu

It’s turkey time again, when you gather with your entire extended family to consume a symbol of Americana while checking your watch to see if those Black Friday sales have started yet. But for those of us who know turkey tastes like napkins, here are some other, newer, more fun options.

Joan Nathan’s Squash and Cranberry Crisp

Some Thanksgiving recipes from the queen of the kitchen, including some apple cranberry crisp and oven roasted squash soap? Be prepared to trample over your great-aunt for the last bites of these.

Pumpkin Cranberry Challah

Pumpkin cranberry challah? Don’t mind if we do. This festive recipe is the perfect mix of Judaica and Americana and it’s sure to get your guests’ attention.

Bagel Stuffing

Okay, yes. We want this Molly Yeh-approved Thanksgiving-ready bagel stuffing. I know what you’re thinking; can’t y’all just lay off the bagels for one day? No, we can’t, and now we don’t have to!

Thanksgiving ‘Mina’

Don’t feel like getting into some brutal tableside debate about which type of Jewish food is better, Ashkenazi or Sephardi? Well, why not serve both and let everyone argue about something else? This Thanksgiving mina is served to you by a food historian with a side of history, so pass the forks.

Stuffed Acorn Squash

Colorful, zesty and the tiniest bit basic (but in the best way), this Thanksgiving dish will assuage the hungry masses while they wait for the turkey to finish roasting.

Turkey with Kasha Varnishkes

This turkey with kasha varnishkes is not for the weak, let’s just say that. “We’re grateful that the traditional dinner choice for this holiday is not a spiral-cut honey-glazed ham,” write the authors. It’s a Jewish take on a Thanksgiving favorite.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Shira Feder is a writer at feder@forward.com and @shirafeder

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A Jew-ish Thanksgiving Menu

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