Lebanese Build Security Wall Around Palestinian Refugee Camp

According to Palestinian twitter sources and The New Arab website, Lebanese authorities have begun to build a security wall around Ain al-Hilweh, the largest Palestinian refugee camp in the country.

[Translation from alaraby.co.uk: Lebanese authorities begin constructing an isolation wall around Ain al-Hilweh, home to 75,000 Palestinians]

The wall, which will take 15 months to complete, is part of an agreement with some Palestinians. Hamas official Abu Ahmad Faysal in Ain al-Hilweh was quoted in Lebanon’s Daily Star in early November.

But other Palestinians were angry, condemning the measure as something that would worsen conditions and would be “a wall of shame.”


Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman

Dan Friedman is the executive editor and whisky correspondent of the Forward. But when he’s not doing that, he’s writing a book about the rock band Tears for Fears.

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Lebanese Build Security Wall Around Palestinian Refugee Camp

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