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Things That Look Like Hitler: Feline Edition

This week’s unofficial theme is turning out to be Things That Look Like Hitler.

Following Tuesday’s frenzy over a house in Wales that (supposedly) resembles the dictator, today brings a cat that bears his likeness.

Once again, the doppelganger comes from the UK: The Guardian has posted a photo of a feline bearing a suspicious-looking moustache, a cat we can only assume has nefarious plans for the Rhineland.

Not to be outdone, England’s Sun has devoted an article to the same cat, helpfully directing readers to an entire Web site devoted to the topic of feline Hitler look-alikes.

What’s next? Clouds that look like the fuhrer? Plates of scrambled eggs?

The people of the British Isles seem to be all over this topic, and we’re fascinated to find out where they’ll see Hitler next.

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Things That Look Like Hitler: Feline Edition

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