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Moses on Facebook and Other TechnoJew Doodles

The new JewTube doodle to head for virality is not a song but a light-hearted video by Aish HaTorah.

Starting with “Go Down Moses” and using the different computer tools that we are all increasingly familiar with, Moses exits from Egypt.

For once the blinkered and earnest and, frankly fairly culturally limited, outreach program has put together 2 minutes and 17 seconds of gentle amusement. Surely there’s got to be better Pesach stuff out there though. Put links to other Pesach songs, jokes and related technological ephemera in the comments and I’ll post a round up later in the week.

Watch the Aish video, “Google Exodus” below.

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Hat tip to the Giveret, Mike P and Jews around the world.

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Moses on Facebook and Other TechnoJew Doodles

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