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Sandra Bernhard Enraged Over Troy Davis Execution

The execution by lethal injection late last night of Troy Davis, a Georgia death row inmate convicted of the killing off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989, gained the attention of many in the U.S. and throughout the world. Among those protesting the impending execution earlier this week were a number of celebrities, including Jewish comedian, singer and actress Sandra Bernhard.

During the countdown to the execution, Bernhard furiously tweeted to her followers to take action by calling the President and the Georgia parole board (for which she provided phone numbers).

Among the messages she sent out yesterday were:

She even addressed President Obama directly in one tweet, saying:

After learning that the execution was carried out after a temporary stay was vacated when the Supreme Court of the United States refused to intervene, Bernhard expressed her sadness and frustration. She said she hoped that Davis’s life [but she probably meant “death”] was not in vain, and that positive change would come about because of it.

Among her final tweets earlier today, before moving on to reminding fans about her fundraiser show tonight in New York, was:

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Sandra Bernhard Enraged Over Troy Davis Execution

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