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Michael Bloomberg Loves 'Girls'

Acclaimed author Martin Amis?s move to Brooklyn isn?t the only thing that the bookish borough has to brag about, and Mayor Bloomberg is the first to say so.

The Gracie Mansion mayor recently professed his love for Greenpoint?s latest sensation: ?Girls?: a New York based HBO comedy about a gang (or, well, gaggle) of 20-something girls trying to make it in the New York City arts world.

According to Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson, ?Girls? fever has swept city hall. ?We?re obsessed,? he said. ?It?s the big water-cooler topic of conversation.?

Bloomberg, who recently designated a ?Gossip Girl? day in honor of another celebrated New York-based TV show, gushed his support for ?Girls,? citing its depiction of New York as a budding literary scene.

?We love the show for inspiring people to move to New York and become the ?voice of a generation,? as Hannah would say,? Mayor Bloomberg told the New York Post. His comment alludes to one made by ?Girls? main character Hannah Horvath seconds before she passes out from drinking a bit too much opium tea.

Hannah?s character, written and played by New York?s favorite darling Lena Dunham, is a bright eyed post-grad, fresh out of liberal arts college and struggling to stay afloat in a city filled with looming rent, awkward loft parties, and the ever-elusive publishing job.

Mayor Bloomberg lauded the show for its portrayal of the hipster Brooklyn scene, saying that he was excited for young artists, such as those depicted on the show, to view New York as their starting ground.

?We want the next set of brilliant writers to watch the show and say, ?I want to move to New York, too,?? said Wolfson, who admitted that Dunham need only ?whistle? and Bloomberg would be there for a cameo.

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Michael Bloomberg Loves 'Girls'

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