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Gary Shteyngart Finally Out-Blurbs Himself

Novelist Gary Shteyngart is known for being an “enthusiastic blurb-writer.”

But nothing can possibly beat this one.

Writing about “Walter Potter’s Curious World of Taxidermy,” a book by Pat Morris and Joanna Ebenstein, which, as the name suggests, tells the story of Victorian taxidermist Walter Potter, Shteyngart said:

Rapper Cee-Lo Green, featured opposite Shteyngart in a T Magazine “Take Two” had this to say about the book:

Budding taxidermists can place their order [here][3].

[3]: I can’t imagine the type of special individual it takes to do this. I don’t have any animals that are stuffed, but I’ve got some stuffed animals — a panther, a Rottweiler, a couple little doggies I’ve found along the way.

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Gary Shteyngart Finally Out-Blurbs Himself

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