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Want to See What Israel's Burning Man Looks Like?

Israel’s answer to Burning Man, the quirky, sustainable ‘Midburn’ (a play on the Hebrew word for desert ‘midbar’), took place last week, despite conflicts with Israeli police, who threatened to cancel the event.

For five days, thousands of Israelis lived in temporary structures, exchanged gifts, wore their shortest and most flamboyant clothes and partied in the Negev near the Sde Boker kibbutz.

According to the festival’s Facebook page, some people waited for up to 7 hours in their cars to get into Midburn. But judging by these pictures, it was a resounding success.

A psychedelic love nest?

Hasidim scarecrows!

The Israeli version of Avatar?

We don't know where this guy is going, but we'd like to hitch a ride with him!

So, Midburn 2016, anyone?

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Want to See What Israel's Burning Man Looks Like?

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