The Fat Jew Is Your Latest Fashion Model Obsession

What do The Fat Jew and Bar Refaeli have in common?

Plenty, as it turns out.

According to , the 30-year-old Instagram star has just signed with One Management agency, which also represents the likes of Bar Refaeli and Karolina Kurkova.

His end-goal? “Get uncomfortably famous, develop a raging drug problem, then spiral out of control and surround myself with people who only want to use me while simultaneously alienating people who actually love and care about me,” he told THR.

The entire interview is worth a read. Fat Jew (ne Josh Ostrovsky) is everywhere these days. He’s got a book deal, his own brand of rose, and is planning TV projects with both Amazon and Comedy Central. And let’s not forget @FatJewish’s 5 million Instagram followers.

If you need the skimmable version, we’ve picked out some choice quotes below.

On strutting the catwalk:

I have two words for you: YASSSSSS KWEEEEEN! Look for me on the runway during Fashion Week this September. Although the problem is that I hate walking — cardio isn’t really my thing. Maybe I’ll go down the runway in a Rascal scooter? Or being carried by bodybuilders?

On his biggest challenge:

Finding stylish adult onesies. I love a good onesie, but the people who design them have no taste whatsoever. I’m going to start a high-end onesie line, so you can luxuriate like a giant adult baby.

On his diet:

I’m on a strict diet these days of nothing but carbohydrates. It’s extremely challenging, but in order to keep my body shitty, I need to stay focused. I’m eating a Hot Pocket literally at this moment. The eating can never stop, which is hard but I’m dedicated to my craft.

Read the full interview at .

The Fat Jew Is Your Latest Fashion Model Obsession

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The Fat Jew Is Your Latest Fashion Model Obsession

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