When Every (Jewish) Dog Has Its Day

Jews and dogs haven’t always had the smoothest relationship. As Benjamin Ivry , our canine friends were deemed too noisy, too greedy, too stupid, and too dirty by our Biblical forebears to be considered a suitable pet. And given the routine comparisons of Jews to dogs by everyone from 19th century New Yorkers to the Nazis (and more recently, a Belgian cafe) certainly explains why the negative associations have persisted beyond the time of Moses.

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But still, some have managed to take a shine to man’s best friend. In honor of National Dog Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite celebrity Jewish dogs:

Chelsea Handler

The 40-year-old comedian has two dogs, Tammy and Chunk.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham’s dog became the center of a heated controversy when she published “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz” in the New Yorker. Many accused her of perpetuating the historically offensive idea that Jews are sub-human.

Sarah Silverman

How much does Sarah Silverman love dogs? When her rescue dog of 14 years, named Duck, died in 2013, she wrote him an obituary. Here she is with her new pet, Mary:

Adam Sandler

His name is Matzoball. Just let that sink in.

Natalie Portman

Just like his owner, this dog is tres chic.

Adam Levine

Sexy, Jewish AND loves dogs? * Fans herself wildly *

Did we miss any of your favorite Jewish dogs? Let us know in the comments?

When Every (Jewish) Dog Has Its Day

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When Every (Jewish) Dog Has Its Day

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